Festival Dates 2022: January 12–16, 2022 +++ Bern, Switzerland + Online  


The NFF explores the contemporary world through music and sound. We search films that portray musicians, music, sound or noise as seismographs of our time, and speak of the possibilities and challenges of the Now. We screen documentaries mainly, but are open to feature films, short movies, video art, and experimental formats. Our goal is to nominate films that are getting close to people and phenomena. Films screened at the NFF have won important awards or were nominated at major international A festivals, some have been produced very DIY and low budget. We are especially interested in films by filmmakers from outside of Europe and the US.

COVID-19 Information

alle Kinos/Turnhalle im PROGR
2G Zertifikat

Kapitel Bollwerk/soso space (Festivalzentrum)
2G+ Zertifikat
ohne Maskenpflicht

Performance «Firework Rhythms»
ohne Zertifikat

all theaters/Turnhalle im PROGR
2G certificate
mask required

Kapitel Bollwerk/soso space (festival hub)
2G+ certificate
no mask required

Performance «Firework Rhythms»
without certificate
mask required

Daten und Ort / Dates and Place

12.–16. Januar 2022
Bern, Schweiz + Online
January 12–16, 2022
Bern, Switzerland + Online

Einreichungen / Submissions

Einreichungen können über FilmFreeway übermittelt werden.
Entries are accepted on FilmFreeway.

Medienmitteilungen / Press Releases

2021/11 – Program Release (De/En/Ar)
2021/07 – New Artistic Direction (De/En/Ar)
2021/01 – NFF 2021 (De/En/Fr)

Orte / Venues Bern

soso space (Festivalzentrum), Bollwerk 39

Cinématte, Wasserwerkgasse 7
Dampfzentrale, Marzilistrasse 47
ISC Club, Neubrückstrasse 10
Kapitel Bollwerk, Bollwerk 41
Kellerkino, Kramgasse 26
Kino in der Reitschule, Neubrückstrasse 8
Kino Rex, Schwanengasse 9
Schützenmatte, Hodlerstrasse
Turnhalle im PROGR, Speichergasse 4