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Les Contes de Cockatoo

Varnish la Piscine, Rhony Sutriesno

Switzerland 2020 – 44’

Sprache/language: Français
Untertitel/subtitles: English

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Vier gewöhnliche Menschen, denen aussergewöhnliche Dinge passieren… OK.

Four ordinary people to whom extraordinary things happen... OK.

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«Isn’t it difficult enough to deal with the social pressure that comes from being at the margins of the economic system?»
Noëmie Vermoesen, academic, musician, writer, and enthusiastic dancer

A Norient Space Snap (Artwork: Sejma Fere, Remix: DJ Raph)

Stills: Les Contes de Cockatoo (Varnish la Piscine, Rhony Sutriesno, Switzerland 2020)