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The F.r.iction Show

Eden Tinto Collins, Gystère
France 2021 – 81’

World Premiere

Sprachen/languages: English, Français
Untertitel/subtitles: English

For the Norient Film Festival NFF, multi-disciplinary artists Gystère and Eden Tinto Collins created a feature-length video collage. In «The F.r.iction Show» they wish, through fiction, to expose a combination of images and a multitude of points of view.

The work is inspired by the denkyem, one of the Adinkra symbols of the Akan people. It is the one that holds the attention and the ethical and spiritual direction of the main thread of this film-collage. This symbol takes part of the «logo» Gystère and Eden created «vous l’aurez voulu». Denkyem means unity in diversity. «The F.r.iction Show» juxtaposes the creations of both Gystère and Eden Tinto Collins as the result of a global reflection in process around a musical identity borrowed from different Afro-Eurasian cultures. But it is also a proposal of context for this music to emerge, out of the Space.


︎Background Article on the Norient Space

«With their relentless activism, Amanda Melissa Baggs (the actor in Eden Tinto Collin’s film ‹CoNEC›) reminds us that the ‹real world› is actually an ideology. And its worst enemy is that which doesn’t have a word yet.»
Philipp Rhensius, writer and Norient editor

Snap de l’espace Norient (Image: Sejma Fere, Remix: DJ Raph)

Stills: The F.r.iction Show (Eden Tinto Collins, Gystère, France 2021)